Full Body Picture Hyundai X Antenna Project Heal Manila

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  • Full Body Picture

    Full Body Picture

    Full Body Picture is the personal project of Martin Lenclos. The site features full body photos selected from original large format photography work. The site features an ‘infinite scroll” that allows images to generate below the viewing window. It is built onto the tumblr blogging platform.

  • Hyundai X Antenna

    Hyundai X Antenna

    New York has taken its food obsession and on-the-go attitude up a few notches. it’s all about location and timing here. And time is hard to come by. but food trucks have made it so easy to get your hands on your favorite eats that all you have to do is check your twitter feed.

  • Project Heal Manila

    Project Heal Manila

    Project Heal Manila is a global organization dedicated to supporting sustainable community-based projects designed to empower the youth of the Philippines. For millions with limited needs, inadequate support and resources make it nearly impossible for the future of our islands to reach their dreams and full potential.